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Rascal and I in the car

This is how Rascal prefers to ride in the car

I didn’t mean to not blog last night, but it just never really happened for me.  Brad and I got back in town from Greenville in mid afternoon and the rest of the day was spent running, grocery shopping, salad bar munching, and hanging out while catching up on our  favorite show, Revenge.  Love that show!

So one thing that I’ve learned about my reader survey (which you can still take — please do!), is that some of you have been missing my fitness posts. Well, I have been missing them too!

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t quite been myself lately.  For the past few months I’ve been having trouble feeling overwhelmed with everything going on in my life right now and haven’t felt like exercising.  I’ve been pretty unmotivated.  So needless to say, I haven’t followed through with the New Rules of Weightlifting for Women.  I thought that by committing myself to something, the commitment would spur me to me more motivated, but in reality, the plan had the opposite effect.

I went from working out 6 days a week to maybe once or twice a week for the past month. Blah.

I’ve gone weeks without wanting to do anything. And now, the only thing I really want to do is run.

So run, I shall.

My friend Riley and I had plans to run Sunday morning with his running group in Greenville but when we woke up to rain, we decided to pass.

When we got home yesterday afternoon, I strapped on my *new* running shoes and went on a *6 mile* run!

It’s good to know I still have it. 🙂

Side note: Why did I ever stop wearing the Brooks Ghost 4? They are by far the best shoes for my feet! They feel so good! (and why did I choose the Instagram setting that makes me look like I have a sever sunburn?)

And then this happened.

Yes. This is just what I need.

I haven’t signed up yet, because when I went to sign up, I decided that I should drop by Charlotte Running Company to register rather than pay the $5 processing fee to register online.  The price goes up in 10 days, so I better get on that.

I’m not going to have an official training plan because I’m only four weeks away and haven’t ran much more than six miles in a long time (except a very slow 8 miler with plenty of walking three weeks ago).

I’m going to shoot for these long runs on the weekends.

March 10/11 – 8 miles
March 17/18 – 9 miles
March 24/25- 10 miles
March31/April 1 – 11 miles
April 7/8 – 12 miles

…and run when I can throughout the week.  In a perfect world, I would also fit in some strength training twice a week, but I don’t want to push it and overwhelm myself.

Anyone else running this race? I’d love to see a familiar face or meet up with a reader before the race. 🙂


Now onto some more answers to the Ask Me Anything part of my reader survey.

Will you give us an update on running/working out front? 

I think I just did. 🙂

Is there anything you don’t like about being a “blogger”?

The only real thing that I don’t like is how some people don’t understand it (which isn’t their fault).  I can be a little sensitive to what some people think and unless you read blogs, you don’t really get the whole “blogging thing” and unless you write a blog, you don’t really understand the time commitment behind writing a blog. Telling someone you have a blog if they don’t read/write a blog can be a bit awkward.  It’s not like telling someone you are a teacher or a firefighter (although there are plenty of misconceptions with any “profession”).  Blogging isn’t really my profession, but I devote way more time to it than any other hobby I’ve ever had so I tend to think of it as more than a hobby too.  A lot of people don’t get that.

The only other part that I don’t like is not having enough time to truly devote everything I want to do with my blog.  I get ideas about topics I want to write about all the time, but sometimes take forever to actually write them.  Life gets in the way.  But that’s not really blogging’s fault.  That’s just life.

Okay, that’s enough for now.  Keep your questions coming!

Happy Monday!  We made it.

12 Responses to Fitness Update

  1. Yeah, some people don’t get blogging at all! I’ll post the links to posts on my FB and I still don’t think my grandma and aunts know I write it! Other family members think it’s strange and my colleagues now think I’m even mouthier. And I have no clue if my husband even reads it anymore 🙂

    • Oh my grandmother does not get it at all, but she knows I write it. Brad’s grandparents read my blog all the time which just makes my day every time they tell me. I’m sure people think it’s the strangest thing ever, but I’ve never claimed to be normal. Normal is just so boring. 😉

  2. I feel exactly the same way about blogging when I tell people I have a lot of work to do and half of what I am talking about is my blog. They don’t consider it real work. Too me it is.
    Sometimes I do wish I could be a full time blogger just because I am so many good topics but I feel like I always end up writing what is easier because of time. But then it still takes hours. Still trying to find the balance.
    I love your blog and keep up the good work.

    • Yes, I totally get that. It is work. But it’s fun. It’s what work is supposed to be. The balance is hard to achieve. It’s why I went from 3X a day journal style to more focused 1X a day blog posts. Well that, and it just seems to suit my voice better. Good luck finding your balance!

  3. Mary

    I’m not running the RaceFest race, but I’ll look for you if I go out to cheer! (oh, and did you know Lululemon has some organized run on Saturdays for people getting ready for the races?
    I’m running the Elizabeth 8k on 4/21. It’s only $25, If you’d rather do a shorter race!

    • Is this Mary from the alumni club that I always see but never get a chance to talk to? 🙂

      I would love to run the Elizabeth 8K in addition to the half! It can be a part of my training run and I’ll just tack on some miles after. And I totally just went and checked out the Lululemon running. Do you know if they have a schedule for long runs? I know they did 8 miles last week but that’s what I’m doing this week so I’m not sure if it’ll match up with my plan.

      • Mary

        Yep, that’s me!
        The Elizabeth 8k is the week after the Racefest half so don’t plan to use it as a training run for the half 🙂
        I’m sure if you called the store, they’d give you the long run schedule and I’d think they’d have shorter options? (I just saw it on their website so I don’t much else about it.)

  4. I’m not signing up for that one, but good luck with it. I’m sure you’ll do great. At least with a race so soon you can’t get tired of training; it’s right around the corner. 🙂

    • Exactly!

      I told someone that if I (ever) do another marathon, I’m going to train for it over the course of 2 months so I don’t get tired of training so this is kind of like that.

  5. You hit the nail on the head about the blogger question. I had someone look through my phone and was so weirded out by the photos of myself and food. They really didn’t get it and it made me feel weird and kinda pathetic. I also feel like it’s hard to share some feelings when you know that people that you know also read your blog. It’s a fine line between sharing too much and being authentic.

    Don’t worry about the fitness thing. I think we all get burned out. I go weeks were I do very little and I think my body needs it.

    • Aw, don’t let people who don’t get you go through your phone photos. :/

      You’re totally right about the sharing. It’s actually easier to share with the blog community than sometimes to people who actually know you. There are things I would post and not think twice except for the fact that people I know read this. It’s a tough balance.

  6. Jen

    way to go on signing up for racefest. i don’t think there’s any way i can be prepared for the half but i may do the 10k!

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