My Happy Weight – Week 1

When I posted about my quest to find my happy weight, then announced that I was going to attempt to find it by calorie counting, I figured I would get some mixed responses.  However, the majority of the feedback has been nothing but supportive and those that haven’t have been respectful and commented only out of concern. I am painfully aware that calorie counting is a touchy subject for some, so I am going to attempt to discuss this topic in a way that does not offend anyone.  However, if you can’t bear to read anything on the subject, please feel free to skip these posts.  I promise you won’t miss anything important, like a precious photo of Rascal (I’m saving that for my next post).

Well, I made it through an entire week of calorie counting without losing my head.

To be honest, I wasn’t extremely strict about following my suggested calorie intake.  I just made sure to track everything I ate to get a realistic view of how many calories I typically eat.

Many of you asked what program I am using to track calories. I am using Calorie King, which is not a free program, but I think it’s well-worth the money.  You can start with a seven day trial to see how you like it.  I did a few trial runs with other programs and continued to look at others throughout the week, telling myself that if I found one I liked just as much, I would cancel the $12 monthly charge today.

Today, I decided to stick with them through this process.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned here,  oh about a thousand times, that I’m a highly visual person.  So when I found that they have all these handy little charts and graphs to show progress and calorie intake, I was sold.

They had me at bar graph.

This chart shows my net calories over or under my net calorie target.  As you can see, on Thursday and Friday, I went quite a bit above my net calorie target, but came slightly under most other days.  I knew that I had gone over on Thursday and Friday but was actually surprised to see I had only gone over X amount.  I thought it was much more.

Since I began this whole process last Monday, today was my weekly weigh-in.  I had dropped 1.4 lbs. in a week.  I’m aiming for one pound a week. There’s a three pound range in which I always hover and when I started this quest to find my happy weight I was at the upper range of those three pounds.

I don’t think I’ll feel like I’m making “real” progress until I get out of this range, but that’s just me being negative.  In reality, any progress is a victory.

I didn’t feel deprived at all this past week. I enjoyed some of my favorite foods, I went out to dinner Thursday and Friday, drank wine, and shared a snickerdoodle with Brad that was the size of my head yesterday.  I also ate tons of veggies, worked out pretty consistently, and tried to balance splurges with healthy choices.

Speaking of working out, notice the “Weekly Work-It-Out” box on the left side of my page?  This will now be taking the place of Fitness Friday.  I’m still going to blog about fitness occasionally, but for now, this little tally will be my only weekly summary of exercise.

This pie chart was one of the most interesting things I recently found on Calorie King.  I’ve been aware for a while now that there’s a recommended percentage of carbs, protein, and fat for a diet,  but never really cared to calculate whether my diet fit within that recommendation.  I can see the exact percentages by hovering over each slice of the pie graph in Calorie King, but  since you can’t see them, I’ll share them with you.

Protein – 22%
Fat – 23%
Carbs – 53%

I barely ate any meat last week, so it’s quite interesting to see that such a high percentage of my calories came from protein. I got between 40 and 97 g of protein every day, but topped out in the 90’s most days.  This just goes to show that you can get plenty of protein eating a variety of food, not just meat.

Takeaway’s from this week:
1. You don’t have to hit your “perfect” calorie target every day to make progress.
2. Plenty of protein can be found in non-animal products.
3. Calorie King has awesome charts and graphs.

18 Responses to My Happy Weight – Week 1

  1. I love this website! I’m a visual person too so the graph and pie chart is quite appealing! Good luck with getting to your happy weight!

  2. Lee

    Why did you choose calorie king instead of one of the free programs like sparkpeople? just the graphs and layout and stuff?

    i ask because the free sites don’t seem to really work for me. it’s probably more me than the site, but i’m wondering if calorie king would.

    • Most of the free programs don’t let you factor in exercise against the number of calories you’re eating. They ask you at the beginning of the program, “are you sedentary, active, etc.” but when you input that you ran six miles, it doesn’t change the number of calories you get that day. I don’t think that’s healthy, at least not for me. I’m going to be hungrier on the days that I exercise more and I wanted a program that took that into consideration. I found one free program that did this, but I think there was a bug in the website because it kept have major issues. The graphs and layout on Calorie King are just bonuses.

    • Have tried It is a free site, has graphs, allows you to put in exercise and foods.

  3. Glad you love CK. 🙂 It’s a great program and totally worth the money. They give you a discount if you’re a member for 3+ years.

  4. I’m a sucker for bar graphs and pie charts too! When I saw my Livestrong pie chart, I was shocked at how little protein I was getting. It was a great visual reminder to balance out my meals better. I am glad that your first week was a success! 🙂

  5. Congrats on a successful Week One! I will definitely have to check out Calorie King. I’m a graph junkie as well and love all of the different ways you showed that they can break things out and summarize your intake, output, etc. And $12 a month seems pretty affordable!

  6. I am really intrigued by Calorie King! I have been curious if I am getting enough or too many calories and the right kind of food. I may have to go check it out!

  7. Just an FYI, SparkPeople has those exact same graphs and charts. They have an entire “reports” section which has more info than I could ever use. I’m a visual person, too and love the charts! And love that SP is free!

    The only thing I wish SP did was factor in exercise when calculating calorie intake. If I run 5 miles, I need more food. Period. And SP doesn’t account for that. But I just adjust that mentally and carry on. I’m also really cheap. 😛

  8. Congratulations on your progress! Look forward to hearing more updates 🙂

  9. I love that you showed (without even trying!) that lots of meat consumption isn’t necessary for adequate protein intake. Your charts look great! I’m glad you’re happy so far with your choice to go with Calorie King. I know Kath (from Katheats) had a lot of success with it.

  10. I know what you mean about “bar graph.” I just started using a free app for charting calories, and it’s kind of addicting… at least for now.

  11. Anna

    This calorie intake – more than 50% from carbs – is a ticket to obesity and diabetes. Human body is not adapted to eat such massive amount of carbs and not one specie in the world consumes so much protein. Do more research kiddo.

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