Traveling to Philly

Greetings from the Healthy Living Summit!

I was up early this morning for some last minute packing and to snag a quick breakfast with Brad.  We picked up Caitlin and headed to the airport to catch our flight.

Pictured: Allison and I

Look who was one my flight!

Pictured: Erin and Brittney

We like to travel in packs!

I’m sure everyone thought we were pretty odd taking so many photos on our flight, but we were excited about our destination.

We arrived safely and joined up with some other friends.

My roommate and new friend, Stephanie

Massive amounts of luggage to be lugged.

Soon we were on our way via cab to the Marriott in downtown Philadelphia.

We checked in and scoped out our room.

Thanks to Brad’s copious amount of stays at Marriott, me and my roommies are hooked up with free wireless this weekend.

My other roommate, Tanya, and I took the few minutes until lunch to look the Reading Terminal, a huge market just across the street from our hotel.

I could do some serious damage in this spice store. Look at the huge bags hanging from the ceiling!

Let’s not forget the sweets!

I don’t know what a S’moreo is, but it sounds divine!

This is called food window shopping. 😉

Eventually, a huge group of us met up in the hotel lobby and we walked to lunch.

The plan was to eat at this vegetarian restaurant, but it couldn’t handle our huge group.

I broke off with a smaller group of 14 (I counted!) and stopped at this precious little cafe/market called Pumpkin.

They were a little overwhelmed by us as well, but they provided excellent service and delicious food.

Before my food came out, I had to snap a photo of Heather’s delicious sandwich.

I ordered the hummus sandwich with tomatoes and sprouts and subbed the olive tapenade (yuck, olives!) for avocado.

Once back at the hotel, we registered for the summit, picked up our t-shirts and swag bags, and chatted with new and old friends for a bit.

I couldn’t wait to get up to my room to check out the freebies!

Let’s just say that I think I’ll be checking a bag during my return flight.

My roommates and I are now all hanging out, blogging and such.  We’re about to get ready to go to our cocktail party at the Reading Terminal.

More on that tomorrow!