Sugar detox day 3

Sugar detox day four was great!

Making sure I’m getting plenty of fat in every meal really helps.  And in case you didn’t know, fat doesn’t make you fat.  Embrace the (healthy) fat, people. 🙂

Breakfast –

Smoothie in a jar – 3/4 cup raspberries (1st fruit), ~2 cups frozen greens (tat soi and kale), 1 cup Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup almond milk, Stevia

The smoothie was just okay.  I wish I had skipped the raspberries and put in 1/2 a banana.  It was just a bit too tart and green for my taste.  I went a little overboard on the greens.  But the peanut butter left in the almost empty nut butter jar helped make it all better.

Snack #1 –

1/2 cup pistachios

I didn’t realize I was hungry until 11:30 and by then I was really hungry.

And no, that’s not a doily.  That’s my skirt. Although, because I’m southern, I know where to find a good doily if I need one. 😉

Lunch –

The rest of my peanut tofu noodle and greens on more greens (a bed of spinach) tomatoes, cukes, red bell pepper, and the last of the red pepper hummus.

It’s okay to fill your plate over and above the rim if veggies are what’s creeping over the side.

Snack #2

Cottage cheese and two Wassa crackers

Let’s hear it for really plane Jane crackers, which means no added sugars!

Dinner –

Whole wheat couscous, parsley, feta cheese, walnuts, and roasted beets (2nd “fruit”), and a side of roasted green beans

I counted beets as a “fruit” because they’re pretty sugary with 9 grams of sugar per serving.  Not exactly the same as a serving of berries, but close.  The couscous was absolutely delicious and look at me eating and enjoying beets!  I’ll post the full recipe tomorrow.  It’s perfectly fresh, simple to make, and very tasty!

We made it through Monday!  I think we all deserve a glass of wine.  I’m going to go enjoy mine now.