Fitness Friday 6/17

I feel like this post should be called “In lieu of fitness” Friday.

You know why? Because I have only worked out 2 times this week!  Eeek!

Okay, maybe three times if you count last Friday or the workout I intend to do later today.

So what gives?

I’ve definitely allowed life to get in the way of my fitness regimine this week, but to tell the truth, I’m not too bummed out about it.  Whether it was skipping my workout to write my Savor NC blog post (It’s all about blueberries this week!), hanging out with friends, or resetting my alarm clock for an hour more of sleep, life has been busy this week.  But ultimately I know that I could have gotten in more fitness with the proper plan and determination.

So what did I do this past week?

On Sunday, I ran 10 beautiful miles.  I recently drove down a road in our new neighborhood and immediately thought, “I would love to run down this street.” So I made it a part of my running route.

On Monday, I did a 45 minutes of total body self-made circuit training.  It felt great to get my workout out of the way first thing in the morning! But apparently I forgot how good it felt when I chose to stay up too late the rest of the week.  Sometimes I wish I could bottle exercise endorphines and take just enough of a hit of them to remind myself how good they make me feel…much better than another hour of the Real Housewives of (insert city here).

There.  That’s it.

But like I said before, I don’t feel all that bad about skipping my workout (which is huge for me!).


Because I always feel better about something I’m struggling with when I take action.  My “taking action” is in the form of goals for next week.

Not just any old goals, but smart goals.  Have you seen this acronym before?  We covered it in one of my grad school classes related to performance measurement, but the concept seems to be everywhere.

My goals for next week (by next Friday):

1. Workout at least five times a week.

2.  Get to bed by 10 pm or earlier.

3. Make at least one running date.

4. Go to yoga at least once.

5. Strength train twice for at least 30 minutes.

6. You will see in the post to come…

Ooooh, cryptic.

And since I don’t have fitness tales for you this week, here is an “in lieu of fitness” tale…

Brad and I had about three hours to spend together last night before he had to be on a flight to NY.

If you remember, he surprised me on Wednesday night by driving home early from Atlanta.  But since he got in super late, last night was the only time we had to spend together.

So we headed over to the National Whitewater Center to enjoy the live music they have every Thursday and grab dinner.

After putting our name in at the WWC’s restaurant, We parked ourselves on a grassy knoll with a couple of cold brews: Killians for Brad, Blue Moon for moi.

Rascal kept his cool by camping out in the shade from Brad’s shadow.  I found this amusing coming from the dog who likes to sleep at the bottom of the bed under all of the blankets in summer.

In his defense, it was pretty hot in the sun.  We sipped our beers, people watched, and enjoyed the band.

Brad says this is a lady’s paradise: puppies and babies everywhere.  Clearly, he thinks all females are just like me.

My cup reads “MADE FROM CORN.”

I’m pleased to lean that they’ve found another use for corn, besides putting it in absolutely every single food product known to man.

Speaking of food…

Our 30 minute wait for a table turned into an hour and 15 minute wait.

I ordered their veggie burrito and the fruit of the day which was watermelon.  I also ordered beer numero dos; a Bell’s Oberon.  Yum! I love summery beers.  The beer and watermelon were the highlight of the meal.  The burrito was just kinda meh: too much rice, not enough veggies.

Brad and I spent the better part of the evening rushing and worrying that we weren’t going to make his flight because of the extended wait for the table.  It looks like my bad habit is rubbing off on him (worrying).  So needless to say, we are looking forward to some worry-free and relaxing quality time tonight.  He’s going to be traveling quite a bit for the next few weeks so we have to treasure the little bit of time we have together while we have it.

How do you bounce back from a less than stellar week of fitness?

Do you spend a lot of time apart from your significant other? And how do you make your time together more special to compensate for the time apart? Brad and I did the long distance relationship thing the entire time we dated.  Even when I first moved to Charlotte, he was gone typically four days a week.  He travels much less now, but there are brief periods where he is barely home at all. We make an extra effort to make sure we do a few “just us” date nights to enjoy the time we have together, but I’m always looking for fun date night ideas!